One of the most innovative, if not THE one, in hair removing ritual among Women had created a line for Men. The revolutionary Nads has created a line especifically for Men and has been tremendously popular in the company’s native land, Australia. Thankfully, they’ve started distributing the line here in the US. Here are the products you might want to check out:

nads_hair_removal_cream.jpg Hands-Free Hair Removal Cream is perfect for removing hair from any part of your body. Gently squeeze out the tube until cream appears in your hands, apply it in the desired area in circular motion, leave it for about 5-10 minutes, making sure the hair is fully covered. Wipe it off with cloth, then rinse with water.

nads_hair_removal.jpgThis one is the No-Heat Hair Removal Gel Kit. This whole kit and kaboodle contains the no-heat removal gel, 5 cloth strips, spatula and the orange stick. This kit elimates the hassle of waxing time because it works with body heat and is completely fine with just washing it off with water. AND, the smoothness lasts for about 8 weeks.

nads_hair_removal_ingorw.jpgIf you want something to solve your ingrown hair, razor burns and shaving rush, the product to try is Nads Ingrow Solution. It promises to be the ultimate post shaving and hair removal product for aforementioned problems. The product contains Witch Hazel Extract which is a natural astringent ingredient with inflammatory ingredients and Aloe Vera which we all know is the best soothing ingredient on any skin or hair products.

nads_xfol_scrub.jpg Xfol Follicle Release Scrub is the essential pre and post hair removal skin exfoliator. What it does basically is unblock hair follicles therefore removing dead and flaky skin cells which results to irritable ingrown hair and spots. Walnut shells and sugar crystals are among the ingredients which acts as natural exfolaints.

nads_body_balm.jpg For soothening and calming agent, Nads also created Depileze Soothing Body Balm. With it’s luxurious formula the skin is calmed and soothed while minimizing the effects of hair removal such as redness and irritation. This is a perfect solution for frequently shaved area of your body i.e neck, chest, back or even legs. Not only that, it can also serve as a daily moisturizer. With the combination of peppermint oil and natural ingredients like coconut butter you(or your man) are on your way to a rejuvenated smooth skin.

Here in the US, you can purchase them at you local Ride-Aid stores. They’re also available online through and