Jamie Dornan Malin Akerman Abercrombie And Fitch

If you didn’t think Jamie Dornan was naked enough in Fifty Shades Of Grey, then this might make you feel better. I present to you a naked throwback photo of Jamie. Yes, that really is Jamie Dornan on the left with that surfer dude hair and cheeky grin! You’re welcome. The photo is from around 2002 and it was from an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog cover. You may not have noticed the A&F logo in the top corner because you were too busy staring at Jamie.

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We can thank Malin Akerman for the #tbt picture. (Did you recognize her?) I bet she is now every Fifty Shades fan’s new favorite person. She posted the image on Instagram with the caption:

“#tbt to the very naked cover of Abercrombie circa 2002 (?) w none other than Mr Grey himself@jamiedornan  #50shadesofgrey #nakedisthebestwaytosellclothes?!”

Normally, I would be confused about the whole “naked is the best way to sell clothes?!” concept and why people would be naked in a convertible, unless they’re going on a sexy road trip, but in this case, I’m not going to complain. I bet the only complaints people will have about this photo is the fact that the car is preserving some of Jamie’s modesty. You can’t exactly have full frontal shots here. Remember this is Abercrombie, not Paper magazine. However, there could be some more photos like this somewhere, so it might be worth taking a trip to your local vintage bookstore, in between praying that Malin Akerman celebrates throwback Abercrombie photo day every single from now on.

(Photo: Instagram/TheRealMaklinAkerman)