First, just take a close look at these things. Scrutinize them carefully. Look at the straps. Ask yourself, what is a reasonable price one might pay for these? Pause and reflect that they look like Barbie shoes. Then of that number again. Now add a handful of zeros.

At the Cannes Film Festival, Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti debuted a pair of pink high-heels covered in gems from fine jewelry company, Chopard. The combination of shoe designer and jewelry designer resulted in one pair of fabulous fuchsia heels dripping in diamonds, pink sapphires, tourmalines and russellites.

Apparently they’re not such a staggering rip-off because the ankle strap detaches and can be worn as a bracelet. That’s what you call a real workhorse.

Tell me ladies, what would you pay for such a shoe?

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(via StyleList, who also have a shot of Anja Rubik donning these on the red carpet)