Fashion’s preoccupation with bondage soldiers on: in addition to that recent leak of a very naked and restrained Lady Gaga from Vogue Hommes Japan, here we have Naomi Campbell’s cover spread in V Spain’s September issue. The images, though, aren’t just your typical provocative-for-provocative’s sake fashion photography… they’re an homage to Pedro Almodóvar’s Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! Says the supermodel:

“I’m sure some have wanted to ‘tie me up and tie me down’ and perhaps others wanted to tape my mouth shut! But this is something I would only permit for this issue dedicated to Pedro as he always does everything “tongue-in-cheek.” I only know Pedro socially. However, what I have always liked about Pedro is that his films perfectly combine passion, intelligence and style with a twist of humor – leaving his indelible mark on everything he does. I think that was essence Sebastian drew upon for our cover photo shoot.”

Campbell was shot by Sebastian Faena. Here’s another: