Cavalli fail. Naomi Campbell stepped out last night at The Glamour of Italian Fashion exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum wearing every last bit of glitz she could pick up off the Roberto Cavalli workroom, and she wound up looking like a lamp in an 1890s brothel.

When Roberto Cavalli sent out his Hunger Games/Great Gatsby mashup around a burning runway a month ago in Milan, we knew we’d be seeing the garish, fur-trimmed looks on celebrities in no time (This is ostensibly a Fall 2014 look, but the season divisions are useless now and everybody is just ignoring them.) We just weren’t prepared for how bad they’d look in real life.

We love fur, and beads, and sequins, and even an occasional car wash hem, but this is way too much look for one dress. The shrimpy fur looks like it’s choking her, and we can’t with that awkward tiny strap holding the neckline closed. Then there’s the two-tiered car wash hem embellished with little red feathers and enough glitter to make it look like a little kid’s art project.

Cavalli has said publicly that if his dresses look vulgar, it’s the wearer’s fault, but absolutely none of this fail is on Naomi Campbell. She is one of the original supermodels for a reason. She wears clothes like a boss, and if she can’t make this look good, the whole thing needs to be tossed in the archives and we all need to do shots until we forget this ever happened.

(Photo: Getty)