Naomie Harris Long Walk premiere

Naomie Harris can practically do no wrong, as evidenced by the fact that she wore an extreme form of one of our very least favorite things last night on the red carpet at the London premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, but we don’t hate it nearly as much as we expected.

Naomie Harris Long Walk premiere Alexander McQueen

The unspeakably gorgeous Harris wore an Alexander McQueen gown with—I kid you not—a gold peplum crusted with enough beading that it could function as hip armor. Peplums are a controversial clothing feature. On jackets, they are great. On dresses, they are not so much. The Gloss staff is not a uniform entity, but most of us really hate peplum dresses. Yet somehow, Harris is working it.

Maybe it is Harris’ extreme physical beauty, or her red-carpet poise, or the fact that her peplum looks like it came off of a suit of glam rock space armor in the best possible way, but this is far from the worst peplum we have ever seen. (That honor would go to Maggie Gyllenhaal’s crocheted peplum dress, or the pair of horrifying peplum leggings that Pixie Lott seared into our brains.) With memories like those to repress, Harris’ crazy, gilded peplum is practically subtle.

Look at this close-up of the layered beads and gold leaves:

naomie harris alexander mcqueen peplum detail

She also deserves props for her dark red nail polish and perfect makeup. Her skin is luminous, and her eyelashes look like mink.

Were you to want a dress like this of your own, you could purchase one from Neiman Marcus, but it would cost you $7460.

Via Red Carpet Fashion Awards/Photos: Getty