Natali Germanotta for ViralFashion

Natali Germanotta, the 20-year-old sister of Lady Gaga, is apparently attempting to break into the whole fame shebang herself. In a photoshoot for Viral Fashion, she donned lovely looks from designers like Lanvin and Givenchy, as well as a thick smokey eye and deep red lip. But before we show more of her looks, let’s just take a look at the whole “famous siblings trying to be famous” thang, shall we?

To be honest, I think getting famous primarily because you have a famous family member is a tricky situation. Stars like Liv Tyler, Jeff Bridges and Angelina Jolie, for example, have celebrity parents and are all extremely talented at what they do. They might not have gotten a shot if they hadn’t had such a successful lineage, but their abilities justify their renown. On the other hand, there are the Lohans and Kardashians of the world who could barely scrounge an ounce of their much-needed attention if no for the wealth and fame provided by a prominent family member — and therein lies my issue with secondary familial fame.

Lady Gaga is a superstar, there is no doubt about that. Though I often find her irritating with her eerie, somewhat patronizing “Mother Monster” schtick, I do think she’s extremely savvy and more talented than most pop stars of our generation. As for her sister, however, I think it’s a bit obvious that she was chosen for this purely out of name recognition (although Gaga has a stage moniker, hundreds of thousands of people, even non-superfans like myself, know her given name).

Apparently, the younger Germanotta is a student at Parsons The New School of Design, so at least she’s not simply relying on her sister’s massive wealth, unlike some people do to their family members. She also made a cameo in Gaga’s “Telephone” video two years ago and walked the red carpet at last years CDFA Fashion Awards, so she’s not just popping up out of nowhere on some showbiz whim.

Nevertheless, while Natali looks very lovely and is obviously a beautiful girl, she’s not a great model. Her posing is awkward and she looks uncomfortably like she’s thinking, “ANTM, ANTM, smize, smize, smize…” However, I am admittedly stoked that a woman with measurements somewhere in between standard model and plus-size. So, on the bright side, there’s at least one element which makes this shoot a bit more refreshing, right? Anyway, without further ado, I give you la sœur de gaga (and all the awkward extra models who are the actual breakout stars).