natalie dormer no pants gq

Game of Thrones‘ remarkable Natalie Dormer posed topless in the April issue of GQ, and she looks fan-freaking-tastic. In fact, she looks like Margaery Tyrell (one of my favorite GOT characters) beamed to the future, given a shaved half-head and some leather shorts, and told she was about to be crowned Queen. Goddamn.

natalie dormer topless gq game of thrones

Those Emilio Pucci shorts are fantastic, and my favorite thing about this has to be her “come at me, bro” expression. That girl looks like she could throw a punch. She’s sexy in that terrifying way where you know she probably throw you to the ground, hard, if you harassed her. It’s good to be on her team.

natalie dormer topless boobs gq

The other photos in the shoot feature a pants-less Dormer looking coy, like a deer who’s too smart for you. I’m happy for any opportunity to show off her half-shaved head, which somehow went from a silly trend to looking badass on her (she cut it for her Hunger Games role)GQ apparently couldn’t find it in them to give her both a shirt and pants in any shot, but she looks comfortable and beautiful so there’s really no reason for consternation.

What speaks to me most about this shoot is the personality that’s apparent in every shot (I’ve been surprisingly impressed by men’s magazine shoots recently–Jessica Paré in Esquire showed a marked amount of personality instead of simply limp, sexy pouts). Sure, Dormer’s not smiling or laughing, but the photos match up with her personality (at least as captured in public appearances and in the GQ profile)–thrill seeking, confident, brash, and not looking for anyone’s help. I’m all about it.

Photos: GQ