Have you ever heard of salt crystal lamps?  I hadn’t before a few minutes ago. I learn something new everyday.  Salt lamps are a beautiful natural-looking accessory for your home, but they are apparently beneficial to your health and well-being, as well.

“Many studies have shown that salt crystal lamps can increase the negative ion count. Negative ions benefit asthma patients, people with chronic lung illnesses, and allergy sufferers. As well, they help improve learning, memory, and emotional well being. By creating a balance of ions in the air, they stimulate natural drive and healthy energy. A low-cost method, a Solay Salt Lamp is an excellent source of negative ions and is strikingly beautiful, blending favorably with any environment.”

Most of the Solay salt crystal lamps come with a dimmer-cord, which allows you to adjust illumination. The lamps come in a variety of colors. Some are spherical and others have a more natural shape. Really very lovely.

Shaped Crystal Lamp

This little shaped lamp can be used for aromatherpy – add your own essential oil. It’s lit with a 15 watt bulb and is approximately 3.5 inches high.

A 6 inch sphere and a 10 inch tear drop are also available. Scroll down the page and you can see them. The salt is from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.

Persian Rock Salt Lamp

The Persian salt lamps seen below, are available in tones of purple – rose, lavender, fuchsia, and magenta.

They have a more rough and raw appearance, which I really like. They range in size from 4 inches to 9.

Image credit: Natural Salt Lamps.com