Natural Stress Relief: Dan Gibson’s SolitudesAfter so many years of sitting in front of a computer… okay it hasn’t been all that long, but it seems to be enough to warrant taking up Yoga and at the end of my session, I am supposed to relax into the Corpse pose… a position that is a lot better than it sounds. I’m to close my eyes for ten minutes and let my back muscles relax. That also means shutting off your brain for those ten minutes.

I find the best way to do it is to listen to something from the Solitudes collection. This particular CD features a song called Unwinding Stream… go and take a listen. Amazon has four song samples that are truly relaxing. Turning on my electric blanket and curling up for a nap this afternoon, listening to this can’t be anything but good for the soul! Be sure to take a listen.

Natural Stress Relief: Dan Gibson’s Solitudes