Still working on getting bikini-ready?  Maybe it’s time to get your body back in balance. Rainbow Light’s Cleanse products use fruit and fiber to wake up your system and get everything working properly again. 

I tried both theThinBerry Diet & Cleanse kit and the CleanseAway 7 Day Renewal kit.  Each kit comes complete – all you do is add water or juice. Simple and effective.

ThinBerry Diet & Cleanse is  3-step program with a morning appetite suppressor, then a fiber-rich drink, followed by an evening dose of liver support.

Supports healthy weight loss by controlling appetite with decaffeinated green tea berry, standardized green tea, and artichoke. Promotes cleansing and improves regularity with fruit fiber, seeds, sprouts, enzymes, probiotics. There are 7 grams of fiber in each dose.

cleanse-away-michelleCleanseAway 7 Day Renewal

Another 3-step process that helps to regulate the body resulting in “improved skin tone and increased vigor.”  It uses the same fruit, fiber, probiotics, and enzymes to naturally balance the digestive system.

Image credit: Rainbow