Technically it said “6 Things You Must Have For Spring” but I think this could continue on ’till summer or whenever you feel like wearing any item on each category, depending on the weather of course.

First up is the Silver Jewelry. I agree. I like it when my husband wears his silver cross-pendant necklace. I prefer silver over gold. The latter looks pimp-ish..LOL. Hey whatever floats your boat. It’s a matter of preference. I’m lucky my hubster also prefers silver or platinum. Anything along those lines. Here are my picks for silver jewelries from Neiman Marcus :

24″L box chain dog tags from David Yurman .


I also like this John Hardy silver Dayak station bracelet. I really love the ‘tribal’ detail. Cool huh?

Next up on the list is the Sports Jacket. It definitely adds a sleek look to any outfit. You can wear it with a simple white cotton shirt or a linen button up shirt, either way you’re going to look distinguished and well put together and COOL.


See how this wool jacket is worn over a graphic tee? This Paul Smith jacket has purple check and lining that gives it a really nice casual touch which makes it OK to wear over just a tee. HOT!

Third up are the driving shoes. Huh? Beats me..LOL. I thought any pair of shoes Men wear are their driving shoes. It’s not like they wear 3 inches heels like women do :) . But, que sera sera, I will pick something for the sake of it, heh. Basically, they’re loafers and mocassins :) .


Surprisingly, I actually like this pair of brown suede Mocassin from Tod Gommini. It must be because of the the multi-color stripes detail on the side.

Fourth on the list are the short-sleeve sports shirts. Most definitely. You can never go wrong with wearing one. Plus it goes perfectly with either jeans, shorts, or trousers. Now let’s see if you are brave enough to wear these prints:


This Nat Nast black with blue/tan/yellow abstract printed shirt is interestingly an attention grabber shirt. Hey, work it buddy.


I was a little hesitant with this second printed shirt but eventually after looking at it longer the green/gold leaf print grew on me. This Tommy Bahama shirt is actually nice.

Number 5 on the list is the summer trouser. Whether you’re going to work, or a date or even Church with your family assuming you are a Church going person :) . Trousers are perfect.


This John Varvatos cashmere henley also comes in hemp color. It’s flat front with side on-seam and back welt pockets. Cool!

And last but definitely not the least, flat-front shorts. These seems to be all the rage this year. They could be a little tricky though so what I suggest is try them on first before going to the check out line. Make sure the cut flatters your body and that you feel comfortable moving in it.


I like this one from Dsquared2 but only because it’s cargo. Unfortunately, not all body types will work with the flat-front cut so like I said above, try it on first.

Well that concludes our Neiman Marcus’s List of Next Big Things. I provided links to each category on the list below so you could see for yourself the other choices. I showed you my picks, now show me yours :) .

*Pictures from

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