Sears’ inevitably hideous Kardashian Kollection has arrived and so has a windfall of press for the family, who are normally quiet and intensely private people. Anyway, some of that press will now concern their lame, underhanded Botkier knock-off: above, on the left, you have Botkier’s enduring leather Clyde bag (introduced in Fall 2009). On the right, you have the Clyde bag re-imagined in sumptuous PVC and horrible leopard print. Botkier (who participated in the CFDA’s You Can’t Fake Fashion anti-counterfeiting campaign) has already told the Kardashian’s to shove it with a cease and desist. The bag is longer available from Sears’ website.

It’s a nice day when truth and justice prevail. And the Kardashians lose.

(via Botkier)