The Beauty and the Beast collaborations don’t look like they’re stopping anytime soon and we definitely aren’t complaining. There have been a few different Beauty and the Beauty beauty ranges including a makeup line, a nail polish collection and a serum set, but we haven’t seen too much for fashion fans. That’s changing thanks to New Balance‘s new Beauty and the Beast sneaker collection.

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At first, you might think that sneakers are an unlikely pairing for Beauty and the Beast. Ballgowns, magical roses and perhaps candle sticks make more sense, but one look at the shoes will silence any doubts. The sporty sneakers are bold and colorful and they even have gold and roses.


The shoes are available in sizes for girls and women. On the ladies front, there are three options which range in price from $89.99 to $119.99. They include the Vazee Transform Disney Trainer ($89.99) a white and gold pair which recalls Belle’s iconic dress; Vazee Rush Disney ($99.99), a bright blue lace-less pair with floral embroidery that is reminiscent of Belle’s casual dress; and Fresh Foam Zante v3 Disney ($119.99), a moody black hair with pink and gold accents.

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You can get your New Balance Beauty and the Beast sneakers now off the New Balance website. Choose your favorite pair and you can rock them when you go see the live-action movie in a few weeks.


(Photos: New Balance)