Well, this is awkward. A new report reveals that celebrated designer Hugo Boss made uniforms for the Nazis during World War II.

The report was commissioned by the Boss Group, who are eager to clear their name, or at least to be transparent about what happened so they can apologize, or something. Munich historian Roman Köster wrote the report — which wound up being an entire book, called Hugo Boss, 1924-1945 — and details the company’s involvement with the Nazis.

The Boss Group did indeed, he says, make uniforms for armed forces called Wehrmacht, security forces called the SS, and the Hitler Youth. Among those at work in the factory? 40 French prisoners of war and 140 forced laborers. Hugo Boss himself apparently knew what was going on, since he tried to take action to ensure that laborers were given more food.

Still, Köster writes that Boss “derived demonstrable economic benefit” from the political doings of the Nazi party.

[via Styleite]