Have you ever flipped through the pages of a Moosejaw catalog and wished you could see what the models were wearing beneath all those layers of rugged, practical outerwear? If you, like many, have often longed for a glimpse under those water-resistant fleeces, wait no more. A new app they’ve developed for various mobile devices will allow you to see those hiking-toned bodies like you’ve never seen them before.

Utilizing your mobile device’s camera, this app will act like the x-ray glasses you wished you had in high school, stripping men and ladies alike down to nothing but their skimpy underthings (and in some cases, their suspenders!) when you view them through it. It’s slightly weird that the first catalog to do this is one that sells clothing that’s not meant to be sexy at all, not even a little, but then again, you never do know what goes on during those trips to the woods. Also, I didn’t even know what Moosejaw was until I found this item, so it works on the promo front, too.

I, for one, am going to order a Moosejaw catalog and download the app just so I can see which outdoorsy chick lost her mind on mushrooms and carved Satanic symbols into her body the night before, because I’m pretty sure that happens at least once each time a group of city-dwelling coat models make their way into the wilderness. Or is it just the ones I know? Never forget that the trees are listening, guys.

[vimeo video=”31822416″]

Moosejaw X-Ray App from Gary Wohlfeill on Vimeo.

(Via AdWeek)