Santa Claus brought me an early Christmas present!

I got an early sneak-peak of Twisted Silver‘s new “Socket” bracelet – which is being released on January 19th:

twisted silver socket bracelet 1

The bracelet combines a sleek equestrian vibe with a funkier edge with the chain and unique ball and socket hinge.  The antiqued brass bracelet is adjustable and features the signature “Twisted” charm on the clasp.  It’s light-weight and very comfortable to wear!

So how am I wearing mine?

Things have been pretty chilly in my neck of the woods lately (really, seriously chilly!) so my bracelet has been getting paired with cozy wool sweaters for casual get-togethers.  It’s stylish enough that you can add it to a dressy top, throw on a great pair of earrings and you’re set for a night out with friends.  Or… if you like the layered metal look (which is still a hot trend!) you can pair it with a couple of bracelets for an edgier look.

image: Twisted Silver