New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity for any closeted Hannah Montana fan to let her glittery flag fly. For one night only, no amount of sequins is too obnoxious. No color is too bright. No dress is too similar to something Lizzie McGuire would wear in her yearbook photo.

But what are you supposed to do if the typical NYE uniform isn’t your taste? How can the glitter averse still have fun watching the ball drop… without dressing like the ball? Here’s a simple guide to showing off your New Year’s spirit, hold the glitz.

1. Wear all black. This might be the only time when your LBD will stick out in a crowd, so go ahead and milk it. If you’re going for subtle, lean all the way in. Be forthright about how subtle you are.

2. Wear a costume. Remember the New Year’s scene in Rent, where everybody’s inexplicably wearing a catsuit or dressed up like a James Bond character? I never really grasped why… but I’m into it. Take this opportunity to reuse your Halloween costume, and if anybody asks why, start singing “Seasons Of Love.”

3. Wear pajamas. Let’s face it– classy New Year’s dance parties only exist in When Harry Met Sally. You’re more than likely going to spend the whole night eating a block of pepperjack cheese with your drunk friends, falling asleep early because you don’t have to work in the morning and that’s a miracle, or watching Full House reruns with your parents. You are totally within your rights to become a sweatpants monster.

4. Wear nothing. I don’t care if you’re taking a bath or cuddling with a significant other or streaking. Find any opportunity to not wear clothes and take it. It’s the last day of the year!

If you’re just not the shimmery type, don’t let the pressure get to you this year. You can still look radiant without literally emitting light. Have a very happy, very matte new year!