I know people who go to fashion week are always saying things like “my feet are killing me!” and “this job will be the death of me,” but despite what Rachel Zoe would have you believe, nobody has “literally” died there until now. Maybe people will stop saying those things now?

95-year-old socialite Zelda Kaplan, who was by all accounts an incredibly awesome lady, keeled over suddenly while sitting in the front row at the Joanna Mastroianni show yesterday just as the second model was coming out, which is probably exactly how the socially active style maven wanted to go. According to The New York Post, she was carried out by security and taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead of natural causes. (The fashion show continued.)

Considering how many back-biting fashion and media types were there with her, I’m a little disappointed death chose Zelda, but we can be consoled by the fact that she made the most of her life. Known as something of a matriarch of the New York club scene, Zelda moved to NYC in the 1960s and never slowed down; she could often be seen out wearing her signature African prints and laughing it up with club kids young enough to be her grandchildren (and perhaps, in a way, they were). In addition to being generally delightful and fun, Zelda did quite a bit of charity work, especially for issues affecting countries in Africa. She also made frequent appearances in the popular blog Advanced Style. Rest in peace, super duper rad old fashion lady. You will be missed.

Here’s a video interview StyleLikeU did with her about a year ago:

[vimeo_old video=”14749350″]

Zelda from Stylelikeu.com from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

(Via Advanced Style‘s excellent tribute post)