Last week, Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel came under fire for looking distractingly thin beside fellow Angels Adriana Lima and Alessandro Ambrosio. Last year, Alessandra Ambrosio was criticized for looking “sickly” in St Barths. Miranda Kerr has been labeled “scary skinny.”

Now, the brand has (apparently) responded to all the criticism by signing 18-year-old Michigan-native (and recent Guess campaign face) Kate Upton.

Here are the reasons I’m a bit split on this whole subject, in handy bullets:

-It feels weird talking about women’s bodies at all, as if they’re up for debate
-At the same time, the photos of Swanepoel were a bit shocking
-Moreover, shouldn’t we feel comfortable criticizing Victoria’s Secret if they’re constantly trying to define “sexy” and “beautiful” through their Angels, and then going and using women who work out for 2 hours a day and subsist on green juice and raw almonds?
-So I guess we should see Upton’s casting as a step in the right direction because she looks fit and lean and definitely not alarming
-That said, it’s not like Upton doesn’t look like a damn lingerie model

So. I don’t know if Victoria’s Secret casting some super hot teenager is going to balance out any frighteningly thin 22-year-olds they currently employ, but it’s… kind of… an improvement… right?

Maybe next they could rein in their photo editing people?

(via the Herald Sun)