Perhaps the next time former-fatty and overall douche, Karl Lagerfeld decides to knock some one else’s weight, he’ll think long and hard before opening his big mouth. The last person you want piss off in this world is Anderson Cooper. Anderson will take you down, my friends, take you down to Chinatown.

Last night on his nightly “Ridiculist” segment, Cooper ripped into the French designer over his highly insensitive comment about Adele being “a little too fat.” Of course, realizing his error after the fact, Lagerfeld pointed out that his words were taken “out of context,” which as we all know, is quite common after you see your asshole statement in print and people are calling you out for being a real prick.

So how does one take “a little too fat” out of context was Cooper’s question:

“She is a little too fat, but only in the brain!” he tried. “She has a really fat brain filled with knowledge!”

Cooper also compared Lagerfeld to an “Edward Gorey cartoon character,” and this is probably one of the finest comparisons this world has seen in the last decade.

Honestly, do we even care what Karl Lagerfeld thinks? His opinions are vapid, obtuse and out-dated; not to mention every time he speaks he just comes off as a self-loathing twit.

So a big “hear! hear!” to Anderson Cooper for putting Lagerfeld in his place. Not that Lagerfeld has learned his lesson, of course. There’s a good chance he’s probably calling someone “a little too fat,” at this very moment.

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