Nick Jonas has grown up, well maybe not completely because he’s still fairly young compare to most of us, but you know, he’s trying to venture out of the Pop Stardom that he and his brothers enjoyed thanks to their pop band Jonas Brother. VMAN Magazine has provided him an outlet to express himself as a solo artist and someone in the music industry to be taken seriously.


They actually did it in 3 different version of covers. The much-anticipated covers shows Nick Jonas paying tribute to the music icons Elvis, Johnny Cash, etc.



He sure ain’t looking like a Jo Bro’s anymore, no? He looks sophisticated, and someone who means business. He looks tough too. Take that Miley Cyrus.. haha. Which cover is your favorite? I like the last one. It reminded me of James Dean. Well, I wish him well in his solo artist venture and hopefully the music industry and his fans will appreciate this new step in his career and take him seriously. To the young girls who are crying over this transformation and miss the brothers, all I can say is, wait about 5-7 years. I’m sure they’ll do a reunion album.

(Images Credit : VMAN/Photographed by Mario Testino)