It wouldn’t be the MTV Video Music Awards without a wardrobe malfunction. Nicki Minaj was performing “Bang Bang” with Jessie J and Ariana Grande for the opening performance. At approximately three minutes into the show, Nicki suffered a costume disaster when she couldn’t change her glittery “Anaconda” outfit fast enough. Maybe she got carried away with all of the twerking or perhaps she had a particularly difficult button that she couldn’t undo on her sparkly bra and underwear.503898889JF00001_2014_MTV_V

The result was her clutching her dress for dear life while she continued to perform as best she could. Talk about showmanship. Nicki deserves an award for avoiding a nip slip on live television. Thank goodness she was wearing one of those Britney Spears hand-less ear microphones otherwise things would have gotten really awkward. During the whole debacle, Jessie J and Ariana remained equally calm and composed, and continued to belt out the song.503898889CC00018_2014_MTV_V

The disclaimer always says, “this is a live show so anything can happen” and it didn’t take long to realize that. Things are just getting started, so who knows what will come next. It’s your move Miley Cyrus.

(Photos: Getty Images)