Nicki minaj header photo via youtube

Just days after dropping her new album The Pinkprint, rapper Nicki Minaj released a short film called The Pinkprint Movie via YouTube. The whole thing is very beautifully shot and offered up enough drama to keep those of us who grew up on soap operas like General Hospital glued to our laptop screens.

The only thing that’s better than the riveting plot line (delivered sans dialogue) are her outfits and makeup. Nicki takes us on a fashion journey as she fights with her boyfriend, crashes her Range Rover and runs into the arms of the very handsome actor Boris Kodjoe.



Here are seven times that Nicki proved that she is not only a rap Monster (anybody else remember her epic verse on that Kanye song?) but a fashion beast:

1. That time she emoted while rocking an epic cat eye.
Photo 1 - Nicki Minaj Pink Print Movie - Eyebrows and Eyeliner

The movie starts out with Nicki driving through the city in an expensive SUV while looking very emo. Even though Nick was serving enough emotion to rival Lupita Nyong’o, I couldn’t help but notice that she was also serving the perfect cat eye. After seeing this she is officially my cat eye sensei.

2. That time she perfected the weepy makeup face.
Photo 2 - Nicki Minaj Pink Print Movie - Weepy Face Makeup

Her weepy makeup face is so good that it’s on par with Beyoncé’s in her Why Don’t You Love Me video. The only difference is that Nicki wore some excellent waterproof eyeliner.

3.That time she fought with her boyfriend while wearing a fabulous turquoise cocktail dress.
Photo 6 - Nicki Minaj Pink Print Movie - Green Cocktail Dress

When you’re fighting with your wealthy boyfriend in the middle of the street there’s no reason you can’t look great doing it. Nicki gave us the ultimate scorned rich lady look with this dress.

4. That time she rocked an amazing nude manicure while she was unconscious.
Photo 4 - Nicki Minaj Pink Print Movie - Nude Manicure

At this point Nicki has been in a car accident and was rescued by the very hot Boris Kodjoe. For reasons that make no sense to me, he takes her to his house instead of calling an ambulance. But never mind that. The important thing here is how great her nude manicure looked next to that turquoise dress.

5. That time she gave her fake boyfriend a very smokey side eye.
Photo 5 - Nicki Minaj Pink Print Move - Smokey EyeNot only is Nicki the Queen of Rap and epic cat eyes, she is also the Empress of smokey eyes. Her eye makeup in this scene is EVERYTHING.

6. That time she gave her man the cold shoulder while wearing a red fishnet dress.
Photo 8-1 - Nicki Minaj Pink Print Movie - Fishnet Dress from Waist UpNicki was giving us a fashion AND romance lessons here guys and we should all take notes. When your significant other messes up do what Nicki did: put on your cutest dress and let them know you’re not having it anymore.

Nicki’s dress looks so good, I had to look at it a second time, close up.

Photo 8 - Nicki Minaj Closeup of Fishnet Cocktail Dress

7. That time she wore an uncharacteristically soft daytime look.
Photo 7 - Nicki Minaj Pink Print Movie  - Perfect Pink Lip - Perfect Day Look

Even though Nicki Minaj has been known to make costumish fashion and makeup choices, she NAILED subtle with this baby pink lip and perfectly applied blush. And it doesn’t hurt that she looked like an actual goddess while running through a field while wearing a white dress.

Photos via YouTube