At a promotional appearance in Harlem earlier today, Nicki Minaj rocked the leotard-with-no-pants look like she was Lady freaking Gaga. While I think she pulled it off really well, I know this can be a controversial fashion choice. Here are some pros and cons to consider before you vote it up or down:

Con: Tights are not pants.

Pro: Nicki Minaj can do as she likes.

Con: She’s biting Lady Gaga’s style.

Pro: She works it so hard she makes it look like she invented not wearing pants in public.

Con: I can’t think of any more cons.

Pro: This is the same woman who pulled off a chicken wing necklace and regularly “sits with Anna.” Normal fashion rules don’t apply to her, not even a little.

How do you feel?

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(Image via WENN)