If you need help figuring out who stylist Nicola Formichetti is working with now, think to yourself, who is the opposite of Lady Gaga?

The answer, obviously, is Kim Kardashian. Nicola tweeted earlier today:

nicola formichetti lady gaga kim kardashian

Well, I’m glad he’s excited about it. It almost makes up for the fact that until this moment I thought Lady Gaga came up with all her outfits by herself. I mean, I thought she brainstormed and talked to people and said things like “how many muppets should I glue to my torso, 50 or 75?” but I thought that really, it was up to her. I thought she was the decided. I didn’t think she needed a stylist. I did not know Nicola Formichetti was a person until this moment.

I think Kim Kardashian, on the other hand could probably use a good stylist.

I have always secretly suspected that Kim Kardashian picks every outfit by thinking “is this something that will cling tightly to my body and assuredly make men want to have sex with me, without drawing too much public criticism?”

She chooses a lot of bandage dresses, is what I’m getting at.

de jour magazine kardashian 050912

Like so.

Meanwhile, I bet Lady Gaga picks every outfit by saying “”is this something that will cling tightly to my body and assuredly make me a dinosaur-human-demi-god-nymph hybrid?”

lady gaga stylist nicola formichetti

Basically, I’m hopeful that we’ll see less banadage dresses and a lot more stuff like this from Kim Kardashian:

mtv ema arrivals 3 121112

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