As part of their annual Out 100 issue, the good people at Out Magazine decided to interview Nicola Formichetti, creative director of Mugler and stylist to gay favorite (gayvorite?) Lady Gaga. In an homage to artist Francis Bacon’s 1954 portrait Figure With Meat, as well as to the infamous meat dress he designed for Gaga, they had him pose between two bisected halves of a cow. Which beefcake is more tantalizing? Can you even decide? (I mean, I can, because I think meat is murder, but I realize that sort of ruins the joke.)

The interview itself is packed with info about his work with Mugler, Gaga, and Uniqlo, but I’m kind of sad the writer (full disclosure: a friend) didn’t ask about his dual beefs (get it?) with old people and fat people. He did, however, ask him a somewhat pointed question about how you can simultaneously be “not an elitist” and work in high end fashion:

During your photo shoot you said that you’re not an elitist. How does that jive with being a fashion guy?
I try not to think about it too much because for me it’s really simple: I work with my team on a project and I share things with everyone and, in the end, end up much happier. People I respected when I was younger and the people I worked with were very much like that. If you’re very open and you want to learn more… I know it’s not a fashion thing to do, but I’m just not like that.

So basically, he’s not an elitist towards other people who work in high end fashion. That might be the best equivocation I’ve heard so far from this normally press-challenged designer. Good job, Nicola! You appear to be learning.

(Via Out)