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The Internet got its first look at the Jimmy Choo pre-fall 2014 campaign this morning, featuring a pants-less Nicole Kidman. Allegedly. If I had not explicitly read that this was in fact Kidman (who has been the face of Jimmy Choo for three seasons now), I would never have in a million years been able to identify her. The photoshopping here is so flagrant that I’m basically throwing my hands up, looking around, and hoping someone will be like “yes, Julia, that’s fucking beyond.”

nicole kidman photoshopped jimmy choo

Photo: Jimmy Choo

Photographer Willy Vanderperre tried to capture a harder look for this campaign–Kidman said that “[t]t was fun to embrace a more rebellious spirit for Jimmy Choo; we listened to a lot of great rock music to get in the mood for the shoot.” Nothing alters a face beyond recognition quite like great rock music. That’s just science.

Nicole Kidman is a very beautiful woman, and so I’m not sure why the multitudes of people involved in the shoot decided to put a different woman’s face on top of hers. And to be clear–when massive campaigns or covers get digitally altered like this, it’s not a case of one overzealous design intern being too zoomed into the screen. Scores of people look at these images before they’re made public, and sign off on the look. Photoshopping at this level is rarely anything but intentional, and we’re all just not supposed to notice that this might as well be an entirely different human. I see a bit of Kate Upton in there and other features that seem familiar, like one of those composite monsters that everyone’s so attracted to.

I’m not going to bemoan Photoshopping in its entirety for the zillionth time, because as much as I dislike the digital manipulation that we see all the time and find it harmful, it’s the nature of advertising and fashion (to our detriment) and you don’t need to hear me go on and on about it again. But my question is this: why even partner with a famous actress? I quite literally would not have been able to identify Kidman from that photo without the little caption at the bottom, so what’s the point? If they wanted a generic looking composite mutant, they could have just saved some money and made one themselves.

Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images