nicole kidman jimmy choo Fall campaign

Many bloggers were a bit surprised when Nicole Kidman was named the face of Jimmy Choo’s Fall 2013 campaign. For one, Kidman is known for being–as Choo’s creative director Sandra Choi described her–“nuanced and refined.” And Jimmy Choo, with its aggressively sexy, serpentine aesthetic is… decidedly not.

The actually images dropped this week though, and the unexpected casting choice works just fine, if not because of its slight oddness. Shot by Mikael Jansson, the star returns to her brassy red hair and sulks around in a trench coat for the noir-themed campaign. It’s actually not much of a departure from Kidman’s recent onscreen work in the sultry Southern Gothic The Paperboy, which hopefully none of you were unfortunate enough to endure.

…By oddness, we mostly mean the campaign’s accompanying video, which features a David Lynch song. Other than that it’s pretty standrad “noir-themed campaign” territory:


David Lynch is weird.

Here’s one more shot of Kidman for you:

nicole kidman jimmy choo Fall campaign