As you can see from the name of the perfume, this person is Nicole Richie. But it would be hard to tell that otherwise, no? She’s bathed in an unnatural golden light that makes it impossible to see her actual pale-tan skin tone, and of all the hairstyles I’ve seen on her, “impossibly thick and straight mid-length princess mane” is not one of them. And what the heck is going on with her body? It seems like someone was so obsessed with eradicating every last hint of realness from her skin that they almost erased her tasteful hint of sideboob. Not the sideboob!

The biggest thing working against recognition, though, is the way her jaw appears to be much more elongated than usual. You will note that in real life, Nicole has more of a cute, round face:

I don’t know if these decisions were Nicole’s or someone else’s, but not everyone needs to look like Blake Lively to be attractive!

There’s also her “quote” in the perfume’s press release, which hurts my grammar-loving eyes to read:

Nicole was inspired by the scents of my childhood. It’s very much a reflection of my individual style – a spiritual balance of femininity and bohemian. It’s the notion that fashion can be easy, comfortable and offer juxtaposition between casual and luxury.”

I hope she fires whoever was supposed to copyedit that paragraph.

(Via Coco Perez)

Photo: Nicole, WENN