Nigella Lawson Gives Evidence In The Trial Of Her Two Assistants

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has had a pretty difficult year, including a violent, highly publicized fight with now ex-husband Charles Saatchi, allegations of drug use (since refuted as an attempt by Saatchi to ruin Lawson’s reputation), and involvement in a fraud trial. While taking the stand in a case against two former personal assistants, Lawson recounted some of the trauma of her relationship with Saatchi. But what was she wearing?

Luckily, People was there to get to the meat of things with this little bit of cognitive dissonance:

Standing throughout the morning session in calf-length black skirt, black suede boots and a fitted black blouse with white collar, the occasionally fiesty [sic] Lawson also described the period since her divorce from Saatchi as “a long summer of bullying and abuse.”

Her outfit was clearly event-appropriate, I mean God, can you imagine if she had showed up in a sundress? And it’s so fortuitous that People even thought to tell us what she was wearing while describing a period of enduring abuse, because when a woman talks and no one is there to see what she’s wearing, is she really even talking at at all?

No, she is not, because women, even in a vulnerable state and talking about horrible things that really matter, are objects to be looked at in nice clothes. Bravo to People for reporting with its usual integrity and sensitivity. Nigella Lawson wins our coveted award for best dressed in a courthouse while testifying about years of abuse.

Photo: Getty Images