Besides Halloween, you’re also probably getting ready for Winter. First things first, a nice warm winter jacket. My family and I lived in Upstate New York for 8 years prior to moving to North Carolina. Winter Jackets were essential for that 8 years. So shopping for winter jackets for my son was something I did quite a lot. Although not as every year as you’d think coz I bought jackets I knew were big enough to last at least 2 years. A couple of years is probably a safe bet if you consider the food stains, snow salt that usually ruins any clothing. Especially children’s clothing. And a boy at that.

This Nike Reversible Puffy jacket is versatile and very warm looking. So he could be blue one day, then orange the next :). Plus it’s on sale for $60. It’s Nike brand so that’s a good price for a winter jacket.

(Image : Macy’s)