A nipple chain unrelated to the crime.

An eighteen year old boy was caught outside a sex shop in Sweden trying to steal a nipple chain. With his pants.

Employees at the shop–called Ladyland–knew something was up when the would-be thief set off the alarm system while exiting. He was apprehended outside and, after a search, found to have a “nipple chain” smuggled away in his pants. The item is worth 119 kronor ($18) and is comprise of two hooks linked by a chain, meant to fasten to nipples, the reasons for which are unclear.

When questioned by police, the teen claimed he’d forgotten to pay, despite having already texted the owner of the shop, apologizing with a good old “sorry I tried to steal from you.” Because this kid is apparently a font of excellent ideas and excuses, he then blamed the shoplifting on troubles at home, saying that stealing gave him a thrill of “achievement.” This isn’t his first brush with the law, either, as he was caught shoplifting “diet bars” back in February.

According to Swedish news site, The Local, he was trying to steal it for his girlfriend. Perhaps she can explain the appeal, then. All we can think is, “What if it gets caught on something?!”

(The Local, photo via Etsy)