nivea_gel.jpg Are you feeling tired and spent but the day is not over yet? After work you want to be able to play with your kids and chat it up with your wife who has been waiting all day to tell you about the new pair of shoes she is dying to buy. Or be able to stay awake while watching your child play soccer or baseball. You wish you can slap something on your face to give you that much needed boost of energy because as much as you’d love to have another cup of coffee, it’s probably not a good idea. Well, Nivea has heard your wishes. They’ve created Energizing Hydro Gel.

It has 3 key ingredients: Taurine, Mint Extracts and Magnesium. But how does it really works? Well apparently :

Taurine works in the skin to control the moisture level of the skin cells creating a biological balance. And for instant revitalization, magnesium activates essential enzymes and increases cellular energy metabolism while mint extracts provide a cooling effect.

Read more about it here. Imagine how happy your wife/gf would be when after all your hardwork during the day you still have time to play with her ;) .

Buy it at Wal-Mart or drugstore online.