In a landmark decision, the West Hollywood City Council (yes, the little Los Angeles neighborhood full of gay pride and ridiculously well decorated homes is incorporated) voted to become the first city in the country to ban the sale of fur.

The vote was unanimous — 5-0 — and came on the heels of heated debate that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Local businesses claimed that the ban would be bad for the city’s economy, while animal rights activists called to mind vivid and graphic descriptions of the ways that little fuzzballs are killed for their coats.

Still to be decided are when the ban will be enacted, and whether this applies to vintage fur as well as new fur.

What does this mean for the fur lovers of the area, you ask? Well, it probably means that they will need to walk a few blocks west to Beverly Hills, or a few blocks east to Melrose Ave. to buy the fur they so covet.

What a world.