north korea

As your neighborhood fashion bloggers, we’re tasked with updating you with new trends. This year’s biggest trend for Fall, according to fashion bible Elle, is North Korea. Obviously! Elle‘s report on the top fashion trends for fall as designated by Creative Director Joe Zee included a since removed item breathlessly declaring that “North Korea Chic” is “the next big thing.”

north korea chic elle

The trend is described (from a screen shot from The Washington Post) as follows:

Some iteration of the military trend stomps the runways every few seasons. This time, it’s edgier, even dangerous, with sharp buckles and clasps and take-no-prisoners tailoring.

So how can you translate this hot new trend into your wardrobe? You’ll want to keep an element of danger, like Zee said, but you don’t want to come off as stand off-ish. In order to make this look more accessible, let’s try to think of it as a volatile human rights crisis, but with an insouciant flare.

The most obvious way to embrace this trend is a tailored, structured military jacket to reflect the boldness of a nuclear war. Cuff bracelets would be a cheeky way to allude to the “200,000 North Koreans, including children, [who] are imprisoned in camps where many perish from forced labor, inadequate food, and abuse by guards.” And we can’t forget to pay homage to the frequent periods of famine as a result of government policies, in the form of super cinched waists. I love a cinched waist for fall. Do your best to look hungry.

Will you be sporting the North Korea look for fall, or are you ahead of the curve and already broke out your political prisoner ankle boots?

Photos: Getty Images and The Washington Post