Say what you will about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but they’ve got one of the cutest babies ever. Normally we long for a few days without any Kardashian news, but we have not been best pleased with the way Kimye has been doling out North West baby pictures in dribs and drabs. We sat through years of tacky Hermès haul photos and pictures of what fancy designer stuff they all get for Christmas, dammit, we deserve some cute baby pictures.

Today, we finally got some! Kim Kardashian released two new baby photos featuring tiny adorable princess North West getting a cuddle from her lucky “#NewStylist” Riccardo Tisci, creative director of Givenchy and creator of Kate Blanchett’s impossibly wonderful 2011 Oscar dress.

Tisci is BFFs with Kanye West and thus pretty much guaranteed to be designing Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress. He also designed the Met Gala dress that made Kim Kardashian look like a fashion-forward couch, which we mean as a compliment. But here he looks like any nice uncle cuddling the cutest baby in the world.

If you couldn’t tell, we really like North West. We’d have to be terrible people to hate a baby, and nobody could snark at cheeks like those.

We’re conflicted on her baby wardrobe, though. She does not appear to be wearing any of her crazy Givenchy and Lanvin baby swag, just a regular baby onesie. (Celebrity Babies, they’re just like us!) We’re sure it’s comfortable and good for cuddling, but we still want to see what Baby Lanvin looks like.

North West Kim Kardashian

Because it’s our birthday, just moments later Kim Kardashian tweeted another baby picture of North West looking giggly and happy. (Ow, my ovaries.) That should hold us for a few days.

Photos: Instagram/KimKardashian