Kim kardashian north west jeff koons

This has been a good week for celebrity baby pictures. Not only did we get a rare peek at Blue Ivy Carter’s adorable toddler style on Beyoncé‘s Instagram, Kim Kardashian treated us to another picture of North West, who really might be the most squee-inducing celebrity baby ever.

When I was a kid, my parents took me to the children’s museum. North West’s parents took her to Art Basel, where she proved that even art world luminaries are no match for her pinchable little cheeks. That man up there, grinning as one does when one faces the supreme cute of baby North West, is famous artist Jeff Koons, and just look how happy he looks about getting to be in a picture with Kim Kardashian’s baby.

“Art lessons!” Kim Kardashian Tweeted along with the picture.

With Kim Kardashian and Kanye West level resources, North West could well be getting art lessons from Jeff Koons when she’s bigger. She already has Givenchy‘s Riccardo Tisci as a stylist.

Since this is a fashion and beauty site, we should probably take some time to comment on her outfit. While North West is known to have a designer wardrobe of baby-sized Givenchy and Lanvin that costs more than your apartment, we mostly see her in age-appropriate baby onesies that look ideal for cuddling. When she reaches toddler size, we are sure she will put Daphne Guinness‘ wardrobe in the shade, but it doesn’t really matter. Obviously North West is the kind of cute that makes everything look good. Look at those little socks! We need some cozy gray socks in our lives.

Via Instagram/KimKardashian