When it comes to weddings, people are very superstitious. If you’re not wearing something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue, you better believe your marriage is fucking doomed. If you don’t have any of that then don’t, I repeat, don’t even bother walking down the aisle. Seriously. Just pick up your train and run.

According to WWD, Vera Wang and her husband of 23 years, Arthur Becker have decided to throw in the towel, but amicably so. But what will this mean for Vera’s wedding gown empire? Will brides-to-be thumb their nose at the brand thinking that it’s now jinxed due to this separation?

We all know that brides get more than a little crazy as the big day gets closer and closer. It’s like watching a balloon connected to a helium tank without an “off” switch and fully expecting their head to pop once it reaches maximum capacity overload with wedding madness. Taking this into consideration, there’s bound to be a ton of crazy brides who will now be choosing another designer for their wedding gown. It’s sad, but in some cases, it’s going to be very true. At least Wang has branched out from wedding gowns, because with the level of insanity pumping through a bride’s bloodstream, she just might see her sales take a dip.


Photo: PMc