Designer John Patrick took the idea of using recycled materials to create a unique and original collection to a fantastic extreme by using TV dinner trays. You read that right: TV dinner trays.

In collaboration with Raleigh Denim Workshop, Patrick and his label, Organic, created his Fall 2012 collection with the help of recycled dinner trays. The raw-denim “slouchy slacks” are part of a limited-edition line of jeans from the Raleigh, N.C. based workshop that takes local materials and turns them into something new.

If you’re going to make something new, it might as well be jeans. People hang on to their jeans forever, and most fellas I know don’t even wash them because apparently, when you wash them they lose the “memory of the evening,” or so I’ve been told. Although, more accurately, clean jeans just get way out of whack and you need to take the next several days to break them back in again.

However, for TV dinner trays these slouchy little numbers look pretty damn comfy, don’t you think? And more importantly, if dinner trays can be turned into jeans, then hopefully things like computers and old stereos aren’t too far behind. I really hate that my old laptops just collect dust under my desk simply because I don’t have the heart to get rid of them. If only they were made into jeans, I’d feel much “greener” about the situation, and they’d finally get some use. That impeccable iTunes collection of mine really should be worn out in public proudly.