Arguably the most famous shoes in film history–Dorothy’s ruby red slippers from The Wizard of Oz–are going to be auctioned off in December. People who know about this kind of thing are expecting the shoes to go for around 2 million.

Here’s the thing, though: apparently there were several pairs of the shoes on set. Some are now in museums, some in private collections. Reuters describes this particular pair are those “believed to have been worn by Judy Garland.” Wait. 2 million dollars for shoes “believed to have been worn”?

In related news, I’m wearing a pair of black Hunter boots right now because it’s raining in New York and I have a conformist streak. Anyway, although I bought them myself, I have a nagging suspicion that they were indeed the pair worn by Kate Moss at Glastonbury that one year. I’m going to place them on auction and expect them to go for between 2 million and $31,000. …Which I learned was a reasonable asking price for rain boots just this morning.