Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the NUMBER:Lab label. See, they changed it’s name. It used to be called 429. It’s now operating under the new name, NUMBER:Lab. A step they’ve taken to expand the premium T-shirt company into a full high-end Men’s Fashion basics collection. Not only have they changed their label’s name, a Spring/Summer 2009 collection is ready to roll out for everybody.

Here’s a preview of the NUMBER:Lab Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Click on the tumbnails for bigger pictures.

number-lab-spring-summer-09-look1 number-lab-spring-summer-09-look2 number-lab-spring-summer-09-look3

number-lab-spring-summer-09-look4 number-lab-spring-summer-09-look5 number-lab-spring-summer-09-look6

More of the NUMBER:Lab Spring/Summer 2009 collection after the fold…

number-lab-spring-summer-09-look7 number-lab-spring-summer-09-look8 number-lab-spring-summer-09-look9

number-lab-spring-summer-09-look10 number-lab-spring-summer-09-look11 number-lab-spring-summer-09-look12

number-lab-spring-summer-09-look13 number-lab-spring-summer-09-look14 number-lab-spring-summer-09-look15 number-lab-spring-summer-09-look19

number-lab-spring-summer-09-look16 number-lab-spring-summer-09-look17 number-lab-spring-summer-09-look18

As you can see NUMBER:Lab Spring/Summer 2009 collection consists of basic lines and hues of blue, gray, purple, and green. Inspired by the fieldforms, athletic gear and tailored uniforms, any item could easily transition from formal to informal through layering or wearing one item on it’s own. Simple yet rich and classic to fit NUMBER:Lab’s mantra of “Wear It In, Wear It Out, We’ve got your Number“.

You’ll find NUMBER:Lab in 50 high-end stores in 7 countries. Stores like the one below are just some of the places you’ll be able to buy NUMBER:Lab collection.

– Kitson (LA)
– Odin (NY)
– Bloomingdale’s (spring-summer 09)
– Equinox Fitness stores

You can also shop online at their new NUMBER:Lab website.

(Images : NUMBER:Lab)