I didn't have a little hat or one of those horns so this thing on my head is something weird.

I didn’t have a little hat or one of those horns so this thing on my head is something weird. I can’t explain it, really. 

I’m going to present you with the three most awkward camera-photos of three New Year’s Eve dress options you will see all day.

I’m sorry they are all awkward angles. I think there are women who enlist their SO’s or housemates to take photos of them in outfits and then post them on websites. I know an entire industry is based off of that. I can’t do that. I’m sorry, I just can’t. I can’t shake the feeling that I would sound like a nutcase if I went up to someone and said “take photos of me in my outfits, I’m going to post them online for fun.” I would probably sound like a nutcase because I’d say it just that way.

But! For context: my boyfriend and I and a group of friends are going out to a restaurant for their New Year’s Eve dinner. There is a yuzu parfait and burgundy truffle stuffing on the menu, so

So the views of these dresses are really mediocre, but please, help me anyway.

michael kors

This is a terrible view of this dress. Here is a better view of it. Also, I used to have bangs! 

Then there’s this:


Though, in all honesty, it’s probably going to be this, the one sexy Herve Leger dress I own that gets taken out maybe twice a year.

herve leger

I will try to take a picture of whatever one it is, by which I mean have someone else take a picture.

Please send pictures of what you’re wearing! And send them to me! If you have some. It’s Jennifer [at] thegloss.com . I will upload them tomorrow and there will be all sorts of jolliness while we all admire one another. It’s totally okay to let your SO take those photos because you will be out and going someplace and not just posing awkwardly in your bedroom. Although I would admire your bravery all the more with the bedroom photos.