In a groundbreaking interview on “The View” today, Obama made history as the first sitting president to appear on a daytime talk show. And while he copped to knowing that LiLo is jailed, he also claimed to not know who Snooki is.

I mean, seriously, Obama?? Don’t you have people who brief you on what’s important in the world today? Don’t you have two daughters? And most importantly, aren’t you worried about public opinion polls? Let’s not forget that more people voted in American Idol than voted in the presidential election, which leads me to believe that more people know who Snooki is than have any idea who Shirley Sherrod is, the firing of whom was apparently a hot topic during his unprecedented (haha….sorry) visit. That said, the American people want a President they can sit down and have a beer with…and talk about why Snooki should totally break up with her new juicehead this season, because she’s too young and wild to settle down!

Honestly, if you can’t have that conversation with me, give me one good reason why I should help make you the leader of the free world.