Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer stars in one of eight special covers Elle is releasing for their “Women In Hollywood” issue, and I must say she looks amazing. Her retro hairdo, Tadashi Shoji dress, and sexy smile (as opposed to the stiffer, weirder, and more popular “sexyface“) all paint a picture of a confident, fun, and pretty lady. And of course, it’s always nice to see an actress of color represented in one of those “great actresses doing great things” lists, which tend to skew white and skinny. (As working Hollywood actresses do.)

That said, looking at the other photos that have been released so far, which are all much closer to full body shots, I have to wonder if Octavia is a victim of the uber-tight zoom treatment that’s been given to other curvy ladies before her, most famously Adele on the cover of British Vogue. Yes, I’m happy she’s on the cover at all, but I want to see the whole outfit, dammit! I mean, why go to the trouble of styling your cover model in head-to-toe couture if you’re just going to hide her non-sample-size body with a tight shot? What do the bottom two-thirds of that fab Tadashi Shoji number look like on Octavia? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.

That said, the cameras do seem to be zooming out a little; both this cover and Adele’s American Vogue cover at least allowed their cover girls to have breasts (which conventional wisdom holds as “a bigger girl’s best asset,” sigh). Maybe the camera is just tip toeing down their bodies bit by bit, like a cowardly swimmer getting into cold water. Progress!

(Via Jezebel)

Photo: Elle