Today, in things that are culturally offensive: Kim Kardashian, of the sex tape having Kardashians, tried on a full burka with niqab (that’s the face covering bit) on a recent trip to Dubai to make millons of dollars opening a Millions Of Milkshakes store at a supermall there. That’s her in the above picture. It’s a huge improvement over what she usually wears, but it still seems wrong for world’s least modest woman to play dress up in the traditional garb of devout Muslims, no?

She tried on several outfits at the modest Muslim clothing store before ultimately purchasing a hijab, a traditional headscarf, and hiljab, a loose-fitting outer garment:

However, her boobs quickly grew confused by the sudden darkness and her butt was saddened by the sudden lack of tight fabric, so she quickly changed into this outfit to molest some fish at a nearby casino’s aquarium:

Aah, that’s better. Those boxy Muslim clothes are only cute for a photo op or two, amirite LOL?

(Via Styleite)