Old Navy sold some really cute gay pride shirts. That’s really progressive of them! Especially when you consider that no other major retailer has done so, and part of the proceeds went towards the “It Gets Better” campaign. Oh. Wait. They only sold them in 26 of their over 1000 stores. That’s, well, that’s considerably less progressive. And they only sold them in gay friendly states to begin with. What’s a gay friendly state? Well, not Kentucky or Tennessee, where residents had no chance to buy them or order them online. Because there are no people who support gay rights in Kentucky or Tennessee? On their facebook page, Old Navy wrote:

While we understand your frustration at the limited numbers of stores that will carry this line of shirts, please know that this is a step in the right direction. With enough positive feedback, it’s possible that we will continue this tradition next year and have the product available in even more locations. Feel free to spread the word and have your friends send their positive requests to expand the availability!

Well, baby steps. Baby steps.