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When we think about or spring and summer wardrobes, there are certain must-have pieces: maxi dresses, sunglasses, white jeans, that kind of thing. When it comes to the latter, though, a lot of us are often intimidated to wear white jeans because they show every single stain, whether it’s a drop of jam or half of your coffee (no judgment). But what if there was a pair of stain-resistant white jeans? Wouldn’t that make life so much better? It’s the sort of thing that you would expect to find on a Kickstarter campaign accompanied with a higher price tag. Lucky for us, there is a new pair available at Old Navy and they don’t come with a eye-watering price.

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Apparently we no longer have to live in fear of clumsy wine or condiment stains. The Mid-Rise Stay-White Rockstar Jeans ($44.95, Old Navy) have technology that repels stains and spills. The Old Navy website states, “Your jeans stay white, no matter how messy the day gets.” That sounds like an invitation to test out the theory with a few spilled sauces. Almost.

Not only are the jeans stain-resistant, they are a style you will actually want to wear. They haven’t sacrificed fashion for innovation. The jeans come in a super skinny style with a mid-rise that sits just below the waist. They are also tag-free for more comfort. Check them out:

Old Navy Stay White Rockstar Jeans

On the model, they don’t appear to be see-through or have visible pocket bags, so fingers crossed they look just as good in real life.

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The jeans, sold both in-stores and online, are available in sizes 0 to 20 and they are available in regular, petite, and tall, so people of different shapes and sizes can get their own pair of stain-resistant jeans.

Racked reports that the stain-resistant technology will perform well through about 20 washes. After that, though, you’d better stay away from the ketchup. It’s a bit disappointing, but not altogether surprising. After all, most fabric technology doesn’t last forever. Given that they say we should not be washing our jeans that often, it means that the jeans could last a long time.

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The Old Navy Stay-White Rockstar Jeans have the potential to change summer barbecues forever. Yes, you will have that glass of red wine and you are going to put extra ketchup and mustard on your hot dog. If you do happen to spill something, you can impress everybody with your Stay-White jeans as your party trick. However, just be careful not to get anything on your top. There’s no stain-resistant technology for that yet.

The Stay-White Rockstar Jeans are available on the Old Navy website and in stores!

(Photo: Old Navy)