This week, the Fashion Disasters were all busy, busy, busy. We know that “Minimalism is huge right now” is always a popular meaningless thing for television personalities to say, but for the next few minutes, it will be wildly inaccurate in addition to wholly meaningless.

First up, we have The Honorable Olivia Palermo attending the British Fashion Awards, wearing Matthew Williamson but looking a bit like she has donned the family afghan after it has been attacked by the family dog. Brownie points, however, for going thrifty in Topshop shoes.

Next we have South Korean actress Kim Min Hee in a voluminous Pucci number. Some people out there like this kind of thing. We are not them.

Last, we have Mathilde Meyer in Christian Dior. Meyer is the head of public relations at Dior, so it’s no surprise she opted for the label…. even the Fall 2011 couture collection, despite its critical mauling.

We thought she looked like Pebbles Flinstone, but our (possibly genius?) new intern said she “looks like the walls from Pee Wee’s Playhouse.” And how:

But, as with Highlander, there can be only one:

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(Images via Getty)