Tribeca Film Festival 2013 Portrait Studio - Day 4

Here’s an idea: book one of the most beautiful women alive for the cover of your magazine. Style her in a Muppet costume, Avril Lavigne‘s makeup circa 2004, and direct her to tilt her head with the insouciance of a teenager from the Inland Empire posing for her Instagram account of “artistic” self-portraits. Then, Photoshop the shit out of the final shot so that your model, the inimitable Olivia Wilde, is unrecognizable as a human person.

fashion_olivia wilde

Wilde looks beautiful in that sex-doll, humanoid type of way on the cover of Canada’s Fashion, and I don’t understand why they felt the need to alter the image so much that her natural beauty is completely obscured. It turns out that if you take the bones out of a woman’s face, she tends to look like an alien sex android built from the finest of skin-like materials. I mean, at this point it’s really generous of them to have left her ear in tact.

I could be totally off-base on this. Do you think Olivia Wilde looks better as a sex android? Do you wish that she walked around with a Photoshop filter blurring out her annoying bones all the time? What other bones do you wish you could Photoshop off of her, or other celebrities, or yourself? I find my femurs, while obscured by leg meats, to be particularly offensive and would feel better if they were gone completely. So bone-y!

Photos: Getty Images and Fashion // Story via The Huffington Post